Tips on Real Estate Content Marketing

How to keep your audience engaged with marketing content:

Working in real estate is no different than working for a retail store, restaurant, beauty salon, or any other service industry position. What you want with any of those careers is to grow your brand and increase your target audience.

With real estate, everyone you encounter is a prospective current, or future, client. That’s why the reach you have with your marketing is so crucial. So, whether you are looking for tips on how to start an engaging media feed, or looking to mix up your content, read on below to learn seven ways you can have the most impact on your real estate content marketing.

Tips on Real Estate Content Marketing

Tips on Real Estate Content Marketing

Ensure your content is SEO optimized

First things first, no matter what you post, you want to ensure any blog, or social media posts, consist of any identified high volume and low competition words and phrases that work for your company’s SEO strategy, according to Once you do that, your next task is to place those words everywhere to give you a competitive edge. When it comes to blog posts, consider adding in 1500+ word articles every so often to get a higher Google ranking. What makes blog posts a great tool for SEO optimization, Hooquest reports, is that clients visit your site because a keyword directed them there so you can then have them explore other areas of your page, improve your bounce rate, and they can turn into repeat visitors.

Utilize video 

Doing a full flown video interview can be costly but utilizing podcasts is a way to bring your content to life, especially since most social media platforms now have video capability. When you podcast, you also have the option of including your social media links to encourage visitors to subscribe. Some podcast ideas that Become a Local Leader suggests are creating a series to target homeowners with questions about the right time to sell, having a Q&A with a realty expert, or interviewing a business owner about how they started their business and chose that neighborhood. Keep in mind that any vlog or podcast you record can be used to turn into a blog post or be shared on social media.

Make your content visually appealing

If Instagram is your main platform, you’re already posting images, but you can enhance other platforms with this as well. Infographics are great tools to combine images and text to convey the key statistics you want your audience to remember. Most clients don’t want to look at a feed of pure text, so you want to ensure you are diversifying your media. When you do this, you are making your media feed stand out and you are setting yourself apart from the competition, which will create a lasting impression.

Bring neighborhoods to life

Another article suggests introducing your audience to key members of your community, whether that is a local grocer, yoga instructor, or even the school principal. You can include the same questions for everyone you interview while also adding a few extra questions into the mix. This will show your clients that you care about your community while also forming lasting relationships with the neighborhood locals, who can provide you referrals one day! Marketing Insider Group takes this one step further noting that what gets people excited about a new house is what a new house means for them and their families. So that means when you sell the experience of a neighborhood, you’ll be able to turn that experience into a sale of a home.

Include “Best of” lists

When you include posts in your feed related to this, you’re positioning yourself as a wider resource than just knowing what a desirable property looks like. Many potential homebuyers want to know what the best restaurants are in the area, where they can get their nails done or haircut, what activities there are for their children on a rainy day, and what the best dog parks are in the area. Take this idea and run with it – the options of “Best of” lists are endless!

Showcase your clients

You want to be a trusted resource for future clients so interview recent clients and highlight how you worked together with them. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of their homes to enhance your feed too. When you showcase clients, make it more than just surface-level topics. Ask them questions about deep issues they faced, how they made their offer competitive, or what updates they made to their home. You want potential clients to relate to the journey they may encounter, and this helps them visualize their process.

Include home buyer guides and checklists

If people are coming to your media feed, they are coming to it because they are considering buying a home or selling a property. This allows you to be an industry knowledge expert. You can write up the five or so updates that most sellers can benefit from or have a complete guide on what the home buying experience may be like. Why prospective buyers love checklists is because they can actively complete items and it’s providing this information more appealingly. When you do this, you also have an opportunity to make the content specific to you so be sure to include how you make this experience different and unique when they work with you (i.e., a checklist on how you will help them during the entire home buying process from the pre-approval to closing).

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