Tips for Selling a Home in 2021

To put it bluntly, for home sellers and real estate agents, 2021 is your dream year. The market is low on inventory and experiencing record-high demand. The COVID-19 global pandemic and the subsequent upheaval in our lives of being at home more than ever made the housing market behave this way. While the housing market will eventually balance out again, this is still some time away yet. For real estate agents and sellers, it’s a great time, but let’s discuss some tips for selling a home in 2021.

tips for selling your home in 2021

Tips for selling a home in 2021

Take advantage… soon.

If you want to sell your home then get in touch with a realtor as soon as you can. While the market has been on this setting for a while now, it’s not a time to be complacent about selling. Time is still of the essence, but having someone who knows what they are doing when you get 20 or so offers on your home is crucial too.

A realtor will be able to spot factors like whether the buyer used a local appraisal company or got their loan from a reputable mortgage lender. They will be able to ensure sellers make it to the closing phase too and not flake in the final stages. Having offers on your home is great, having great offers is much better though.

Get ready to be the buyer too!

For most people, selling their home means they need to find another one to live in, and usually this is in a hurry. So all of a sudden while you had the advantages of being a seller, be prepared for the shoe to be on the other foot!

Real Estate analysts suggest that only 10% of those planning to sell in the next 12 to 18 months say one of their primary motivations for selling is that they no longer want to be homeowners, which is great for this 10% of sellers! For the other 90% of sellers though, they’ll be entering a literal shark tank of homebuyers.

Given the likely ease of selling and the difficulty in finding a similar replacement, it may be extremely prudent for sellers to be under contract with their new home prior to listing theirs for sale. Again, this is where a real estate expert can help you significantly.

Still keep up appearances.

Visuals are still important when it comes to showcasing your home for sale, even when buyers are desperate for any home.  Searching for homes online isn’t exactly a new concept, but with many people still staying at home and concerns about social distancing, more people are taking their searches online than ever. So for sellers, it means your home needs to look its best and be photographed at all its best angles! So pick a sunny day and make your home as neat and tidy as possible.

When you are trying to find a real estate agent, ask how they would showcase your home. You can even look at their website to see how they photographed other homes to best prepare yours when it comes to photo day.

When it comes to finding real estate experts in the ultra-competitive housing market for 2021 and beyond, it’s important to seek experienced and honest professionals. Lantern Real Estate Group are the foremost Real Estate Agents in the metro Atlanta area and have a passion to get their clients into their dream home or make your current home someone else’s. 




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