Tips for New Real Estate Agents

As the new holder of a real estate license, you may be unsure what your next course of action should be. Navigating a new career can be like entering uncharted territory. It’s hard to know where to begin and it’s even harder to know if you’re following all the right steps. Most real estate beginners just want to get from newbie to rookie as quickly as possible. But how they get there, they just aren’t sure.  If you some guidance, try following these 11 tips for new real estate agents.

tips for new real estate agents

Tips for new real estate agents

1) Create a business plan

Just like with any new venture, you’ll want to draft up a business plan that clearly articulates your professional goals. One of the common traps that many new agents fall victim to according to Realtyna, is becoming too excited after receiving their license that they immediately start working on securing clients, without a plan in place. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate notes that the most successful new agents always start with a business plan first that not only outlines goals but also includes a roadmap on how these goals will be achieved.  

2) Find the right firm for you

As you get started, you’ll want to find a brokerage firm that makes sense for you and helps you build credibility. You can leverage the firm to begin building your brand and reputation. As you narrow down your brokerage firm search, Showing Time shares that while it’s easy to focus on the commission split, think more about the things that would be most important as you launch your real estate career, like educational opportunities, training programs, and resources. Rocket Pro Insight takes this one step further noting that there is value in working with an established firm because they already have a brand that clients will recognize, even if those clients haven’t heard of you yet.  

3) Find a mentor

As a new real estate agent, you’ll have questions. Since this is a new field, it’s important to find a veteran agent that you can trust and who will provide you with a hands-on learning approach that you can learn from. Make sure this mentor is someone you are comfortable with and aren’t afraid to ask questions of.  

4) Find your niche

There’s more to you than just your title of “Real Estate Agent.” Who are you as an agent? What type of properties do you want to focus on? Do you want to target first-time or luxury homebuyers? Do you have a specific age group you want to work with? It’s important to determine all of this before solidifying a marketing plan because you need to know who you are to sell, and you’ll need to know this to stand out from the competition.

5) Market yourself

Now that you have figured out your niche, begin to develop a marketing strategy. Create a professional logo, business cards, and email account. Even if you work at a brokerage firm, still opt for a personal email so if you leave, the email address can stay with you. Also, look at your online presence since most home buyers will start their search online. And if you don’t have a website yet, get one. On here you can highlight listings, your contact information, testimonials, and more.

6) Utilize social media

Social media is valuable because it is an affordable way to get your brand out there and allows you to directly engage with your audience in a way that your website will not. Be sure to keep your profile personable, yet professional. Post helpful content in addition to listings and be consistent with your profile pictures on all your social platforms.

7) Work your network

Before prospecting on a larger scale, you’ll want to look at your circle. Your friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances are your most powerful prospect tool and are likely where your first clients will come from. They won’t think twice about giving you free advertisement when they encounter someone who is looking for a new property.

8) Prospect everywhere

While your marketing efforts will bring you some business, it’s important to take prospecting into your own hands. When you do this, you’re making it easier for your brand to expand. This may look like networking at open houses, cold calling, attending community events, and even utilizing vendors for new leads to get your brand and name out there. Every opportunity is an opportunity to sell yourself.

9) Use technology to grow your brand

Technology continues to evolve, and your brand can too. We live in a digital age, so why not use what we have at our disposal? Use CRM, email automation for monthly newsletters, and even schedule out your social media posts to keep yourself organized.

10) Communication

Be prompt with your responses because the real estate market moves fast! All prospects and clients deserve a professional, timely, and polite response because all leads are valued equally, no matter how much commission you may make! This will build your reputation for delivering excellent service and help grow your brand.  

11) Have a thirst for knowledge

This goes beyond just the real estate exam you’ll have to take annually to renew your license. If you work at a firm with training programs and resources, take advantage of those tools. Read real estate books, stay up to date on trends, follow industry podcasts and blogs, and attend networking events. This will all provide you with a deeper understanding of your profession, which is crucial because market knowledge is one of the best tools you can have.

We hope these tips for new real estate agents are a push in the right direction! If you are just starting in the real estate industry, Lantern Real Estate Group is hiring. With our group, you’ll be joining some of the top real estate agents in the southeast and you’ll be a part of a team that is invested in your development. Get in touch with us today.




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