Surviving the Holiday Season as a Real Estate Agent

While the holiday season is busy and a “hustle and bustle” season for many industries, surviving the holiday season as a realtor can be especially difficult. In general, real estate activity tends to slow down as we near the end of the year. 

Perhaps you’re experiencing a lull in clients, as they’re distracted with holiday festivities and shopping. Maybe the brutal winter weather and COVID-19 pandemic have caused a slow down too.


Though it may seem like these factors are working against you as a real estate agent, surviving the holiday season is possible! Here are some tactics for you to help survive the holiday season and maximize your potential:

Surviving the Holiday Season as a Real Estate Agent

Surviving the Holiday Season as a Real Estate Agent

Focus on Networking

Though the real estate market may temporarily slow down in the winter months, social networking generally ramps up. To maximize extra time and use it to your advantage, stay busy with real-estate-related networking events and activities. These events can help you make important connections moving forward and build contacts. Though they may not need your Realtor services immediately, they may end up needing you in the near future. Building connections is essential to your success as a real estate agent.

Talk up Winter

During the winter months, be sure to speak positively about all of the unseen advantages to buying and selling during this time of year. Creating content for social media or email blasts about this is a great way to get the message out in your community. The winter real estate market may be less competitive, which can lead to overall better deals.

Increase Availability

Many agents may go on vacation during this time, so one way to set yourself apart and attract clients is to be available! Make sure your clients can reach you in as many ways as possible. If possible, try not to go on vacation during this time so you can take on clients in need. Aim to be as accessible as possible for your clients.

Use Online Platforms to Advertise

Consider utilizing Facebook Ads to help engage new prospects. Though running Facebook ads costs money, the return on investment can be great. Reuse a current post you have with a high amount of organic traffic to seek the best results. For more information and tips on running effective Facebook campaigns, check out this blog all about generating real estate leads.

Reach out to Investors

Many real estate investors continue to work throughout the holiday season. To meet investors, attend local events and real estate auctions. Work on your pitch and keep it clean, simple, and to the point. Many real estate investors are busy and like concise presentations that are mindful of both your times and theirs. Investors are a great way to keep your business operating during the tough and slower winter months.

And there you have it! Some tips on surving the holiday season as a real estate agent! We hope that it helps you know how to keep your business healthy even during a slower season!

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