5 Ways to Find New Clients

The success of a real estate agent is entirely dependent on their ability to find new clients. One mistake that many new agents make is expecting the clients to just come to them! To establish yourself as an agent, you must develop a good plan of ways to find new clients. This short list ofContinue reading “5 Ways to Find New Clients”

7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

2021 was a huge year for real estate agents all across the country. Prices for homes stayed high despite the lifting of restrictions, the vaccine rollout, and the return to work. A number of economic factors kept home prices high, and that will continue into 2022, so real estate agents can expect a continuation ofContinue reading “7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents”

Real Estate Photography Tips

As a real estate agent, you should understand the value of your images. Images that potential clients see before they even visit a home help them to know if the home fits what they’re looking for. Images help to narrow the search by eliminating homes on the spot.  If your real estate photography is onlyContinue reading “Real Estate Photography Tips”

Starting Your Real Estate Business

Real estate can be a rewarding career to pursue. Many people think of real estate and envision easy money consisting of large commissions. Real estate, like any other line of business, involves investing the time and money to make it work. If you’re interested in starting a real estate business, this guide is for you.Continue reading “Starting Your Real Estate Business”

Housing Market Forecast for 2022

Wasn’t it the start of summer only a little while ago? 2021 has been a whirlwind for a number of reasons, some good and some bad. The pandemic seemed to subside for a few weeks then come roaring back, the markets experienced huge gains and the climate still doesn’t seem to be able to justContinue reading “Housing Market Forecast for 2022”

Buying a House During the Holidays

Buying a home, no matter what season it is can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process for many. This is especially true if you’re a first-time homebuyer. Though we traditionally refer to the spring as the most booming season to buy a home, house hunting during the holiday season can actually have some clear advantages. Continue reading “Buying a House During the Holidays”

Winter Real Estate Trends for 2021

We are hearing lots of news these days about how expensive everything is getting because of inflation. One area of the economy that appears to still be as financially competitive as ever, probably more so, is the housing market. The demand for homes continues to be through the roof (no pun intended) and real estateContinue reading “Winter Real Estate Trends for 2021”

Surviving the Holiday Season as a Real Estate Agent

While the holiday season is busy and a “hustle and bustle” season for many industries, surviving the holiday season as a realtor can be especially difficult. In general, real estate activity tends to slow down as we near the end of the year.  Perhaps you’re experiencing a lull in clients, as they’re distracted with holidayContinue reading “Surviving the Holiday Season as a Real Estate Agent”

How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your success is highly dependent on different forms of marketing. Understanding important aspects of marketing tactics and various methods to do so can help you create a clear plan to market yourself as a real estate agent. Keep reading for some tips to help incorporate into your marketing strategies:  Continue reading “How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent”




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