7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

2021 was a huge year for real estate agents all across the country. Prices for homes stayed high despite the lifting of restrictions, the vaccine rollout, and the return to work. A number of economic factors kept home prices high, and that will continue into 2022, so real estate agents can expect a continuation of the (good) chaos. And now we have a new variant! If all this sounds like they are out of your control (which they are), then let’s start looking at what is within your control for 2022… and that’s your New Year’s resolutions. Here are 7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents you might consider trying!

7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

1. Set some goals

This might sound like a very broad resolution, but it is important to start 2022 off by thinking about where you want to end up in December 2022 and then creating the steps (short-term goals) you need to take to get there.

Whatever your work-life goals are, be they sales or skills-based, it’s important to have a clear picture of what success in those will look like, and how you will get there.

Remember to make those goals and steps attainable and consider outside commitments and pressures when creating them.


2. Update your headshot

This might be a touchy issue for some real estate agents. You may have looked amazing 7 years ago, but it’s probably not how you look now. Try to not be so vain and update your old headshot. If your social media and qualifications are always up to date, so should your most viewed feature. 

Plus this is literally a 5-minute job!


3. Try some podcasts

Listen to real estate podcasts when you can. They are filled with amazing bits of information from agents in other cities who often have some enlightening experiences to share. Real estate podcasts are like hearing and sharing in war stories with other agents. Think of it this way, you’re also putting your downtime to some good use too!

4. Revise and enhance your social media

It’s always important to remember how integral social media is for marketing and communication purposes. If your feeds are full of homes you sold 3 years ago in neighborhoods that are no longer “up and coming” or with prices that are nowhere near the current market rate, then it’s time to bury them down in your feed with new, bright and shiny content. 

If you’ve updated or added some qualifications, then they need to be reflected in your LinkedIn profile too.

Take the time before the year really kicks into gear and edit, revise and resolve to add to your feeds throughout 2022 and beyond.

5. Deep dive into your area

Getting to know the area you sell in is crucial. By this we aren’t just talking about knowing mean house prices, local schools, or other factors homebuyers consider when seeking a home to buy. 

For real estate agents, this means getting to know the community better, eating and drinking (if that’s your thing) in local restaurants and bars, and shopping small. Try to be a local.

6. Think of yourself

One thing the pandemic taught us (or reminded us of) is that work is not what defines us. In fact, Americans clearly showed how stressful their work/life balance was on them. The whole country needs to take things down a notch and learn to breathe and relax. For real estate agents, a highly competitive industry, this is especially true. Don’t be afraid to do things for yourself. Unwind and relax when you can/need to.

7. Cultivate relationships

Cultivate relationships you have made with previous buyers and sellers. This can be as simple as a phone call, text message, or email to ask how things are going or when a special occasion arises. 

Anniversaries of sales/purchases are a great time to reconnect!

A personal touch will differentiate you from your competitors and foster loyalty.

We hope these 7 New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents help you have a great new year! However 2022 shapes up for the real estate market, Lantern Real Estate Group will be there for you. Our premier team of agents will stay at the top of their game in 2022 (and beyond) because of their expert knowledge and experience selling homes within the metro Atlanta area.




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