6 Ways New Windows Benefit Your Home

While it sounds like a scary undertaking, one of the easiest and quickest ways to update your home is by installing new windows. It’s something not many of us have had to juggle before, and when it’s brought up, our first reaction is that it’s an expense that we don’t want to accrue. But there is a silver lining when you choose to either update your windows before you list your property, or if you choose a property with existing older windows that you plan to replace. Just like with everything else, window technology is constantly evolving, and the benefits speak for themselves. So, without further delay, here are 6 ways new windows benefit your home!

6 ways that new windows can benefit your home

A worker installs a new window

1.) Your energy bill will shrink

\Having a decrease in your energy bill is what entices many homeowners to update their windows in the first place. If you are looking at a property that has outdated windows or is pricier in other aspects, consider the savings you will incur by updating this. According to energy.gov, heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25-30% of heating and cooling energy use!

A popular option is ENERGY STAR windows which are widely known to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can reduce your energy bill (and your carbon footprint) by an average of 12% nationwide!

2.) Temperature control

Older windows are known to be the cause of drafts, but they can also cause your home to feel extra hot in the summertime. Everyone loves having natural light, and many don’t realize that ENERGY STAR makes windows that give you comfort without compromising the natural light you crave. The interior glass on their windows stays warmer so you won’t notice when the temperature approaches freezing. At the same time, their windows reduce the “heat gain” so your home doesn’t turn into a desert during the warmer months.

3.) Easier maintenance 

Once you replace your windows, maintenance will be a breeze. Whatever brand you choose, windows historically don’t require extensive care and they also tend to be durable. And, if you’re going to go through the cost of replacing your windows, you’re likely going to choose a window that will last. 

Vinyl windows, like Weatherbeater’s, are increasing in popularity because of this and their ability to only need light cleaning. According to BobVilla.com, they feature insulated wood (keeping the cold out and the heat in), while having the easy-cleaning characteristics of aluminum windows

4.) Decrease UV exposure

You already know this from being outside all summer long, but the sun’s UV rays are strong. Having energy-efficient windows is almost like sunscreen for your home and will prevent your favorite decorative furnishings, walls, and floors from fading due to these powerful rays. In some cases, the sun can cause your home’s interior to fade by up to 75%!

Pella’s SunDefense windows are an option you can also consider to avoid UV damage to your home. Porch notes that their insulated double-pane glass blocks 94% of UV rays!

5.) Reduce outside noise

Many of the same benefits that allow for you to enjoy a more comfortable climate in your home, and a lower energy bill, also can be attributed to eliminating outside noises. New windows that block out all these other things, also can block out your noisy neighbors and the cars that continuously drive down your street. This is not usually something homeowners consider when replacing windows, but it is often a pleasant surprise and the solution you didn’t know you needed!

6.) And finally, your home value will increase

If you are selling your home, this can be a way to increase the return on your property. While if you are a potential home buyer, this can be a fix you can make so your home’s value will skyrocket if you are ever wished to sell your new property. Projects like this can return homeowners with over 78% of the replacement costs when you resell – so it’s an investment that is worthwhile! Window replacements are never an expense that any home buyer wants to make but this is not a lost cost and it’s important to remember that you are saving money each month on your energy bill!

These are just 6 of the ways that new windows benefit your home. But in all honesty, there are so many more benefits to updating and replacing your windows!

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