5 Ways to Find New Clients

5 Ways to Find New Clients

5 Ways to Find New Clients

The success of a real estate agent is entirely dependent on their ability to find new clients. One mistake that many new agents make is expecting the clients to just come to them! To establish yourself as an agent, you must develop a good plan of ways to find new clients. This short list of 5 ways to find new clients is designed to help jumpstart your planning:

  1. Google AdWords: One way to market yourself is to utilize Google AdWords. With Google AdWords, you can target your ad to a specific audience and based on specific keywords that people search for. This means you can successfully reach people looking for an agent within a specific location or region to optimize your success. This type of advertising works by pay-per-click. The internet is usually the first place people start when looking to buy or sell, so this method can be highly effective.
  2. Social Media: Using social media effectively is one of the smartest ways to market yourself a new agent and find new clients. Social media can lead to more traffic to your website and help new clients get to know you better. There are a variety of options within each platform. The best platforms to use in the social media world to find new clients include Facebook and Pinterest. 
  3. Create a Newsletter: Creating a newsletter is another great way to find new clients. This can be something as simple as a weekly email that goes out to all of your current and past clients. This means you can stay relevant, and people are likely to share with their friends, family, etc; which ultimately can lead to new clients for you. The content of the newsletter should be both concise yet relevant, otherwise, people are unlikely to read the contents of your newsletter.
  4. Create Video Content: Video content can help bring your services to life and provide a better way for new clients to be attracted to your services. You can create testimonials with past clients who were happy with your services. Video content can be shared on your website, through marketing efforts, social media, and more. Video content can help new clients choose you over competitors who may only have text content. Video content helps bring things to life.
  5. Utilize Community Boards- One way to gain new clients is to make sure you’re using all of the resources at your disposal. One example is community boards, such as apps, facebook groups, and online groups. These can help put you in touch with clients in need of specific services within a geographic region. Even better, these can be free boards which can help you generate leads without putting out money.

Establishing yourself as a new agent and finding new clients can be difficult at first. Using as many platforms and methods as possible can help ensure your success.Interested in joining a team to help take your real estate business to the next level? Check out Lantern Real Estate Group today! Experience all of the benefits of your own team without the risk!




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