5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Not all homes are showstoppers, but that doesn’t mean making a great impression should have to cost an arm and a leg. For all those looking for an easy way to upgrade their homes’ exteriors without breaking the bank or going overboard on labor, we’ve got 5 pro-approved tips to boost curb appeal and help you bring your home’s exterior to life.

5 Ways to boost curb appeal

5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

The Doors of Perception

Your front door is the first thing people see when they come into your house. If it’s old or in disrepair, consider replacing it with a new one that looks good and matches the home’s aesthetic. Alternatively, if your current door is still in decent shape then just repaint! It will be cheaper than buying a whole new one and can make any home look brand spanking fresh.

Lawn Care & Container Gardens

It’s important for your home to always look its best, and this means prioritizing the yard as well. Don’t forget about trimming the grass, removing weeds with a trusty weed-whacker or by hand if you’re feeling ambitious that day! Lay some fresh fertilizer down in order to ensure plants are healthy and flourishing while keeping the lawn watered. Remember: don’t wait too long before getting started on these tasks so they won’t turn out more difficult than anticipated.

If you’re looking to have that green, lush lawn in your neighborhood but don’t want the hassle of keeping it up with a mower and weed-wacker, there’s an easy solution: container gardens. With just five pots or so on hand at any given time for planting flowers like zinnias and pansies during summer months when they’ll last longest outside before going dormant over winter. Other plants such as petunias will thrive all year round, though you may need to bring them inside through cold winters.


Painting can be fun (especially if you do like DIY) or quick by hiring someone who will make sure their craftsmanship stands out amongst others. Whatever option suits best for you should have no problem making any monochrome exterior pop brightly against its dull surroundings; give yourself room to feel creative too though! Consider adding intricate designs or splashes of bold color to entice buyers and create a focal point.

If money is tight, try painting parts of the house in complementary colors (like yellow trim around purple siding). If you’re not sure what will look good together just remember old clichés like “red makes green pop” or “light paint brightens dark rooms.”


Half the battle of maintaining a front yard is keeping it lit at night. For those who are aesthetically driven, new sconces and lamp posts can be installed for next to nothing while providing other benefits as well (such as security). Security-minded homeowners should consider replacing their current fixtures with solar-powered path lights, which cost around $30-$50 each depending on what you buy — solar-powered light fixtures are perfect for outdoor lighting because they don’t require wiring or an outlet.

Path lights, floodlights and lampposts are a must-have for any property’s exterior. They not only give your home an inviting look at night but also add visibility – making it easier for you and others to see what is going on.

Seal the Deal 

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, but high-impact look on your driveway, consider having it cleaned and sealed. This will only set you back about $400 to $600 depending upon the size of your asphalt or concrete driveway. A driveway sealer can protect your driveway from wear and tear, moisture buildup, and other problems. It is recommended to treat your driveway at least once per year if not more depending on the surrounding environment.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck with exterior home improvements. Some people neglect these projects because they think it’s too expensive, but that’s no longer true. There are endless ways to make an impact on the outside without having to spend a fortune and you don’t have to be handy or even know anything about construction!

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