5 Things To Do Before Listing Your House

Selling a home, even in a seller’s market, can be challenging and stressful. Knowing how to get a house ready to go on the market can go a long way. It’s a way of being ahead of things so you don’t have to make adjustments afterward. Following are 5 things to do before listing your house.

5 Things To Do Before Listing Your House

5 Things to do before listing your house

Declutter your home to prepare for showings!

Know the Home’s Value

Every seller wants to maximize what they can get for their home, but overpricing a home can be a huge mistake. Do some homework on recent sale prices for comparable homes in the neighborhood. Adjust for improvements, additions, and special features. Ultimately, you want to list at a price that’s fair for you but which won’t turn away prospective buyers. When a buyer thinks a homeowner is asking too much, there usually won’t be even a counteroffer; the buyer will just look elsewhere.

Increase Curb Appeal

When a potential buyer sees your property, the exterior is the first impression he or she will get. A house that has a fantastic interior but looks shabby on the outside will turn off some buyers; this could mean making a lower offer or not going inside the house at all. Improve curb appeal by cleaning windows, repainting shutters, making the garden tidy and colorful, and so on. Homes that look beautiful on the outside make people want to see the inside.

Declutter, Depersonalize, and Stage

Step outside yourself and imagine you’re in the buyer’s shoes. How does the home look to you as a buyer? Clutter is a turnoff, so put away anything that doesn’t have to be out. This includes clearing counters, tables, behind closed doors, windowsills, and all other places that tend to accumulate “stuff.” Depersonalizing is also important. Personal items and family photos tell buyers this is your space, not potentially their space. Buyers want to envision themselves living there. Finally, you can consider staging if you want to create a particular effect or setting, and there are professionals who can help you do that.

Make Repairs and Improvements

Go around the house and make sure all the light switches work, handles work properly, windows open easily, etc. If there are repairs and improvements to make, it’s usually better to take care of them before listing. Although it’s tempting to forego those things possibly in exchange for a slightly lower selling price, the truth is that most people don’t want to move in and then start paying for repairs and improvements. As a result, they’ll likely ask for that work to be done before closing or ask for a larger reduction than you want to accept. Fixing things ahead of time truly does save time, money, and hassle.

Freshen Up the Paint

Another part of preparing the interior is making sure the paint looks good. Go around and touch up any spots that need it. You should also consider repainting with neutral colors. Neutral tones may not exactly be exciting for many people, but they also rarely turn people off. The opposite can be true for vibrant colors that you may personally love but which may not be for everyone. Think of this as another way of depersonalizing the home to make it appealing to all.

One Last Thing

Not getting offers is frustrating, and the fewer offers you get and the longer a home sits on the market, the more buyers start to wonder if there’s something wrong with the property. By having your home ready for listing, you’re positioned to get more offers and better offers, and faster.

This isn’t an easy process, and that’s why it’s a smart idea to enlist professional guidance and support. The Lantern Real Estate Group knows the Atlanta metro area up and down, including current prices and what buyers are looking for. We’ll provide expert care through every step of selling your home, and that will translate to a smoother process and much less stress for you. If you’re looking to put your home on the market soon, we’re here for you!




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