2021 Renovation Trends

From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and Pinterest, home renovation trends are constantly changing from year to year. This year, a year of “recovery” for many, has brought many changes in lifestyles following the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, people are spending more time than ever before in their homes. For some, their homes even serve as their workplace as well with the increases in remote workforces. For others, after a year spent mostly under stay-at-home orders or increased social distancing measures, they simply are seeking renovations and updates that bring a new feel to their home or workspace.

Looking to remodel or renovate? These 2021 renovation trends are great inspirations to make sure your new space is both updated and functional.

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2021 Renovation Trends

Outdoor and Multi-Season Spaces

Outdoor kitchens and multi-season outdoor spaces are increasing in popularity. Screened-in porches are great because they can be used in any season and are great for gatherings and entertaining friends and family. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect home addition for people who enjoy cooking and entertaining with events such as cookouts and parties. Outdoor kitchens and backyard oases also set your home apart from other homes in the area, as it can be redesigned specifically to your needs and style. 

Other popular exterior and backyard upgrades include decks, porches, and balconies. 

Home Office Spaces

While working from the couch or bedroom may work for some remote workers, we’re seeing an increase in remote workers looking for dedicated home office spaces. A home office space provides a professional and quiet workspace that is conducive to Zoom calls and productivity. For people who do not have an extra bedroom in their home to dedicate to a home office, a great option is to convert a walk-in closet or hall closet into a small office workspace. Another option is to create a guest room that also functions as a home office when not being used.

Plants & Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an increased appreciation for nature for some homeowners. In 2021, the renovation trend we’re seeing more of is “bring the outdoors indoors”. This can be done by renovation using natural materials and textures. Indoor houseplants are increasing in popularity, both as hobbies and providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Smart Technologies

A recent study has shown that purchases of smart-home technologies are increasing. Smart technologies go beyond just home entertainment centers and TVs. A big component of smart technologies are home security products like cameras and lighting. Speakers and sound systems are being done throughout homes, as well.

Bathroom Retreats

New research has shown that relaxing bathroom oases can be great to help reduce stress. Master bathroom renovations have recently included big soaking tubs or steam showers to help promote self-care and reduce stress levels. In 2020, a big shift to self-care and self-love has changed the way we view spaces in our home.

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